Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Show & Tell

Hey Everyone. It's Thursday, meaning this week is almost over, it is also October! For those of you who know me you already know how much I love this month. You would think that August (by birth month) would be my favorite month of the year, but no, I like October the best. I guess it's because it's the beginnig of fall, my favorite season, it has a super fun holiday in it (Halloween), and the weather begins to change. Okay well in other states I'm sure that is true, however here in North Florida we are still batting high 80's. Sounds fun right? NOT! I told my husband we need to move to a state that actually shows evidence of 4 seasons instead of the 2 we get here. Of course all of that is just talk, we haven't planned on moving, I love the schools my kids are in, and unless God impresses it upon us we are staying right where we are.
That is neither here nor there.
Lately I've been in a bit of the mully grubs I guess you could say. I won't call it depression, though it closely resembles it. My dad would throw a fit if I claimed depression, for we can choose not to claim such things much like the apostle Paul did (I think myself happy Acts 26:2). Though that doesn't always work right off hand, it's good to try.
Mostly it's been a mixture of being at home constantly alone, no where to go, no one to talk to, doing the same things over and over. It was different when my kids were small and at home, though it did get tiresome on days when I was at home consistently. Now, all three of my babies are in school and I find myself without a job. This is not the ideal time to not have anything to do. I had to sell my horses at the beginning of the year so that hobby passion is gone, or thats how I felt. All those things you think you can get done at home if you had time are put on the 'meh' list when you have no motivation. 
And thats exactly what I've been...motivationless.
I finally drug my halloween decorations out and had to force myself to finish. The outside of my house is still not done, but maybe one day....or it'll wait til next year.
I figured I would share with you guys what I've done so far.
I seen a picture of mini Jack 'o' lanterns and thought they were adorable and figured it would be a great centerpiece for my table, and probably one that could last through the entire fall season instead of just Halloween. I used a cake plate that I already had. The glass holders I made using dollar tree taper candle holders, and votive holders by simply gluing them together, and filling them with moss.
This is actually one wall (except for the table & lamp). I meant to get a picture of the whole thing, but wound up deleting it instead. #mybad
The ghostly Happy Halloween sign came from the dollar tree. Home sweet home wood art I've had for several years and has been in that same spot since we moved here. The wreath I made using a form I already had and burlap ribbon I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. I love the fuzzy owl I sat inside of it, also a dollar store find. The candle stick was one of a silver set that I found a thrift store, didn't like the silver so I spray painted it  using Krylon Colormaster in Bright White/satin finish. The book I owned, #Iloveoldbooks, I've had the wooden pumpkin & black cat for a few years, can't remember where I purchased those. The table by my couch/front door is just simple mason jars that I spray painted a while back and added some sticks I found from the yars, also spray painted. Don't you just love the hanging Jack 'O' Lantern luminary behind the lamp?!
 On the opposite wall in my living room, above my T.V., I decided to put this! I got the inspriation from a Martha Stewart photo. I simple gathered branches from around my yard that I thought would work, cut them down to size, spray painted them to give them that whitish/grayish look then added the crows that I already had. I love it, not sure why, I guess it's a bold halloween statement without going too dark. The kids like it!

 The last show and tell item on my list today is the pillow shams I made a few weeks ago. I've had the fabric since somtime in August, but to tell the complete truth I've been a little intimidated to try and make these. I'm just learing to sew, and am teaching myself which is a bit eeekkk sometimes. So anyways I just jumped right in one day and they actually turned out okay! Not perfect, but decent. I got the tutorial from pinterest which lead me to this great blog called Camp Clean. Her tutorial was easy to follow and in just a few hours I had these babies finished! Talk about one excited woman! I know...sad thing to get excited about pillow covers, but this is my life people. 
I hope all of you are having a great start to this October, and are enjoying your decorating process. I love seeing how other people have decorated their homes for the holidays, so share with me if you would like. God bless!  

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  1. Did you use real pumpkins for your centerpiece? If so where did you get them from and how much did you pay? I want to decorate!