Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Show & Tell

Hey Everyone. It's Thursday, meaning this week is almost over, it is also October! For those of you who know me you already know how much I love this month. You would think that August (by birth month) would be my favorite month of the year, but no, I like October the best. I guess it's because it's the beginnig of fall, my favorite season, it has a super fun holiday in it (Halloween), and the weather begins to change. Okay well in other states I'm sure that is true, however here in North Florida we are still batting high 80's. Sounds fun right? NOT! I told my husband we need to move to a state that actually shows evidence of 4 seasons instead of the 2 we get here. Of course all of that is just talk, we haven't planned on moving, I love the schools my kids are in, and unless God impresses it upon us we are staying right where we are.
That is neither here nor there.
Lately I've been in a bit of the mully grubs I guess you could say. I won't call it depression, though it closely resembles it. My dad would throw a fit if I claimed depression, for we can choose not to claim such things much like the apostle Paul did (I think myself happy Acts 26:2). Though that doesn't always work right off hand, it's good to try.
Mostly it's been a mixture of being at home constantly alone, no where to go, no one to talk to, doing the same things over and over. It was different when my kids were small and at home, though it did get tiresome on days when I was at home consistently. Now, all three of my babies are in school and I find myself without a job. This is not the ideal time to not have anything to do. I had to sell my horses at the beginning of the year so that hobby passion is gone, or thats how I felt. All those things you think you can get done at home if you had time are put on the 'meh' list when you have no motivation. 
And thats exactly what I've been...motivationless.
I finally drug my halloween decorations out and had to force myself to finish. The outside of my house is still not done, but maybe one day....or it'll wait til next year.
I figured I would share with you guys what I've done so far.
I seen a picture of mini Jack 'o' lanterns and thought they were adorable and figured it would be a great centerpiece for my table, and probably one that could last through the entire fall season instead of just Halloween. I used a cake plate that I already had. The glass holders I made using dollar tree taper candle holders, and votive holders by simply gluing them together, and filling them with moss.
This is actually one wall (except for the table & lamp). I meant to get a picture of the whole thing, but wound up deleting it instead. #mybad
The ghostly Happy Halloween sign came from the dollar tree. Home sweet home wood art I've had for several years and has been in that same spot since we moved here. The wreath I made using a form I already had and burlap ribbon I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. I love the fuzzy owl I sat inside of it, also a dollar store find. The candle stick was one of a silver set that I found a thrift store, didn't like the silver so I spray painted it  using Krylon Colormaster in Bright White/satin finish. The book I owned, #Iloveoldbooks, I've had the wooden pumpkin & black cat for a few years, can't remember where I purchased those. The table by my couch/front door is just simple mason jars that I spray painted a while back and added some sticks I found from the yars, also spray painted. Don't you just love the hanging Jack 'O' Lantern luminary behind the lamp?!
 On the opposite wall in my living room, above my T.V., I decided to put this! I got the inspriation from a Martha Stewart photo. I simple gathered branches from around my yard that I thought would work, cut them down to size, spray painted them to give them that whitish/grayish look then added the crows that I already had. I love it, not sure why, I guess it's a bold halloween statement without going too dark. The kids like it!

 The last show and tell item on my list today is the pillow shams I made a few weeks ago. I've had the fabric since somtime in August, but to tell the complete truth I've been a little intimidated to try and make these. I'm just learing to sew, and am teaching myself which is a bit eeekkk sometimes. So anyways I just jumped right in one day and they actually turned out okay! Not perfect, but decent. I got the tutorial from pinterest which lead me to this great blog called Camp Clean. Her tutorial was easy to follow and in just a few hours I had these babies finished! Talk about one excited woman! I know...sad thing to get excited about pillow covers, but this is my life people. 
I hope all of you are having a great start to this October, and are enjoying your decorating process. I love seeing how other people have decorated their homes for the holidays, so share with me if you would like. God bless!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Youth Room

Good morning! In all honestly it probably would've been a better morning if Buster, our 4 month old puppy, hadn't kept us up for a while last crying and barking. It was Darrell's fault (the hubs)...naturally. He can not get excited at midnight when he's taken out to potty (talking about Buster, not Darrell haha) and that includes letting him choose to stay out there and play for a while. When Buster decided he wanted back inside, he wasn't ready to sleep in his took a while to convince him that it was 3am and we needed sleep.
All is well. Who really needs much sleep anyways right?
Darrell and I have recently started having a teen class or youth service, whatever you want to call it, on Wednesday nights. We have about 8 to 10 kids, ages 10 -16. It's exciting getting to know these kids, but it's also challenging Darrell and I. We have both been in leadership positions before, have been youth pastor's and worked with kids plenty, however, this is a whole new ball game. These kids come to us with things in their past, broken homes, and struggles that I never faced as a child. I love each and every one of those kids, I really do. Darrell and I are praying that God would just give us the wisdom to teach and lead them the right way. To be good examples for them, but also friends as well as their leaders.
For the last few weeks, since we started the Wednesday night services, we have been in the sanctuary, the adults have their class in the spacious fellowship hall in the back. We've noticed that the big space gives these kids a lot of room to move around, a lot of distractions, and these kids do not need help in the distraction department haha. We were told that we could pick one of the Sunday school rooms that aren't being used to make into our "Youth Room". This is super exciting! A few of the kids had the idea to put couches, bean bag chairs, and things like that in the youth room to make it comfy and cool. I like the idea and the pastor agreed! YAY! We also get to paint the room chosen whatever color we want and I was given the permission to let the kids choose.
Now when I say "let the kids choose" I really mean I'll pick out 2 or 3 options and let them vote on those, otherwise we would never have a decision! So I immediately starting looking up options last night, I already had in mind the direction I want to go, but I need to lock down some definite colors. BTW Gray is a definite...somewhere in the room! Here are the colors and ideas I found...

I love this huge word on the wall, and a very powerful message

These bright colors could be fun

However I'm more partial to these colors and the ones before this

Seriously thought about doing a chalkboard cool?!

I definitely want some kind of scripture or awesome quote like this in there

I also like the idea of some cool/different lighting, but we will have to see

I'm so excited about this for our teen class. I think they are going to love it, and will love being a part of the creative process. A space of their own in the church. Doesn't every kid need that? Well let me know what you think! I hope you guys have a fantastic Thursday! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reader's Block

Nope, I don't mean "writer's block" I meant what I said...Reader's Block.
Just to enlighten you I will share with you my definition of this condition.
noun The condition of being unable to read (see choosing a book) any book while waiting for the newest book in one's favorite series to be released (or after reading the last book in one's favorite series.)
So there you have it and this is the condition that I've had for a while now. Back in March, J.R. Ward released the long time awaited Lover At Last, a book about some of my favorite characters in the series. The book was good, honestly could've been better, but I love the series, so I can't really knock the book. The next book to come out will be The King! For those of you who do not read these books that will mean absolutely nothing to you, but for us uberfans we were all screaming and crying at the announcement! Unfortunately we have to wait a whole year! "The King" will not be released until March 2014, but she has released the cover!

So I am impatiently patiently waiting for this book's release!
Back in June...or July I can't remember, my sister, the lovely Ree (check out her blog), tells me about this new trilogy that is AMAZING and that I should check it out. So I did...and loved it!
Sorry guys I tried loading book cover photos but my computer isn't working with me today. Allegiant isn't out yet, but I bought and devoured the other two, even reading them aloud to my hubby and kiddos. My hubby doesn't like to read, except for when it comes to the bible, but I started reading The Hunger Games to him and he loved that seriers. Now we both love the Divergent series. I am waiting for Allegiant to come out which will be next month. My sis was amazing and pre-ordered the book from Amazon for my birthday, so I will get one of those smiley faced boxes from Amazon with my book in it not too long after it releases! YAY! I'm so excited. I just wish I could find something that caught my interest enough to read in the mean time.
Not sure if anyone else has contracted this Reader's Block condition, but it totally ruins your taste for many books. I have read one...maybe two, nothing major and I used to read constantly. Hopefully the cure to my condition will come in the mail in October!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Supposed To Be Fall....Right?

So I've been glancing at some other blog posts and facebook statuses and everyone is going on and on about Fall. "Oh it's cool outside", "The leaves are falling and changing", and on and on it goes. Well let me tell you what it's like outside my window right now.
It's moist, sticky, 80 degrees at 8am, and green as all get out! Fall is my favorite time of the year, October just happens to be my absolute favorite month and I can't properly appreciate it, because I live in the tropics! Okay technically I live in Florida, but feels like the tropics.
I am literally craving cooler temps and Autumn colors like a preggo person craves pickles (yes I totally just stereotyped there...sorry Ree). I want to get all my decorations out, but for one I have some shaping up to do outside before I can go full on halloween mode, and it's been nuts around here. I would actually love to go to a Friday night football game (Go LCHS Bulldogs!) and not sweat to death before the sun goes down! Gah, is that so much to ask? No...I didn't think so either. On the real though I've been praying God would send us some cooler weather and let us have an enjoyable fall. At least let it be jacket worthy weather on October 31st.
Speaking of October 31st, I wanted to share with you all some of my decorating wishes for Halloween this year. I am so excited about it, but I am having a hard time settling on exactly what I want to do to the front porch. I'll share with you guys my favorite things from my Pinterest board (to see my Halloween board click here). In turn ya'll can tell me what you like/disklike and even send me comments and link some of your fav fall decorations!
So here goes!

Those are just a few of my pins from my Pinterest board and a few of my favorites. What decorations are ya'll putting up this year?!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A While Away

Hi Everyone. It's me, the girl who's been gone for forever. I haven't even entered the blogging world in months and I should probably be ashamed, but I'm not sure I am. Have I missed you guys? YES! Tremendously! However, these last 5 months have been strange.
Just to fill ya'll in on what's been happening in my neck of the woods...I lost my job back in May. So that means...yep you guessed it, I've been back to staying at home! woot woot right? Okay, yeah maybe at first. Isn't more time at home to "get things done" what all of us working mothers want? Maybe it's just the thought of it thats nice. Honestly I'm struggling.
The summer wasn't too bad. My hubby is the School Resource Officer at my kid's school. They build up so much comp time during the school year that they take off the whole summer. I think he worked a grand total of 2 days during the summer. It was nice getting to do things, going to stay at my moms and mom in laws, going camping with the kiddos. Well summer is over now, the kids are back in school, and the hubby is back at work. Where is mom? Yeah, I'm still at home.
You know I like having the freedom to go the school for my kids different activities and things like that, but this is the start of the school year and there hasn't been much of that going on yet. What I'm trying to figure out is, how to enjoy being at home? You would think that you could keep a perfect house and have plenty of time to do those things that you've been wanting to do when you are at home all day long. However, that is not the case. I literally drown in housework all week long. I clean everyday. I know we will always have to tidy things up, but here I am having chore lists a mile long; and I'm not talking about just putting away strowed items. It's getting to the point that I want to throw up my hands in frustration. It's not only the cleaning, it's the part where you are always here so of course you can do everything and take care of anything that the hubby or kids need you to do. It's not like you want to do anything fun right?
Maybe I'm not doing something right. Here is where you other stay-at-home-mom's/homemakers can help me out. How do you keep the house clean, clothes washed and put away, and the kids rooms tidy (not to mention the porches & carport that loves to stay stacked with mess) without cleaning every second and losing your mind?
Lately I've wanted to get into baking and experimenting with things. Fall is coming up and I'm just dying to get out all my halloween decorations out, but really I spent 2 hours folding and putting away clothes today and I still have about 5 loads to go before I'm done caught up. I would like to stop feeling taken for granted and feeling like a constant maid. I would like to simply feel like a good mom and wife who enjoys her home. How do you accomplish that?! I know that you working mother's are probably thinking I'm crazy, but seriously I felt I got more things done on some days when I was working. *sigh* I don't know. If any of you lady's have any advice I'm all ears. Do you have a schedule or plan that works for your family? Any pointers on how to make sure the kids have time to pitch in when they are involved in after school activities, ballet, & marching band?
Thank you for reading and seriously any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try and stay a little more consistent with my posts from here on out. 5 months is waayy too long to go without posting something! I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It took days, but it's finally finished!

Man what a week. It hasn't been a bad week, but I just get grouchy when I'm working on something and it seems to take FOREVER to finish. For those of you who don't know, my girls room is a constant headache for me. It never stays cleaned. Even when I go in and get everything organized and cleaned...a week later it looks like a train wreck. It was time again for a major overhaul, because you couldn't see their bed and barely see the hardwood floor peeking through the piles of crap.
They have a walk in closet, which is amazing, but I had so much stuff stored in there and...well it just wasn't functional. Between the huge sterilite containers of clothes that I've put back for my younger daughter, all their shoes that never stay in the door hanger or box I had for them, and the chest of drawers I had in there it was a mess. The back wall of it was bare, meaning I could see the studs and I decided that they needed shelves.

This was the wall you seen when you looked into the closet. Horrible right? Yes, so my hubby, being the all around - Mr. Fix it - down home - country boy that he is said he could build a floor to ceiling shelving unit. I was totally on board! The building was done that night by the both of us. The sanding, priming, and painting, was done over the course of a few days by me. However, I love the end result and now my girls room, after almost a week of building, painting, and re-organizing, is finally finished!
Here is is partially done
Here it is finished and stocked! (excuse the naked bulb, a fixture is on my list)
All of Lauren's electronics (tablet, DS, games, & headphones)
All of Layla's electronics (leap pad, leapster, tag reader)
Sorry my finger got in the way lol.
This shelf has fit multiple things that were on the floors or in boxes under the beds; Lauren's doll collection, the snow globes & music boxes, shoes, toys, and all of their books! I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!
What projects have you guys DIY'ed at your home? I'd love to see them! I hope ya'll have a super blessed day!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hmmm I Think Its OK

Wow it's pretty foggy outside. Random I know, but I just happened to look out the window after sitting on my couch for 45 mins (#pathetic), and I realized that it's not sunny because it's foggy!
Yeah you'll have to forgive me this morning I'm still a little out of it. We had an interesting evening yesterday, and then my sleep wasn't exactly sound if you know what I mean. *sigh* what happened to sleeping through the night and having no problem getting to sleep?
I started yesterday with the massive project of cleaning my girl's room. I'm not exaggerating when I say "massive". I really mean MASSIVE! It's really awful. I knew that I only had part of the day to clean/organize, because both girls had doc appts tomorrow afternoon. Then I get a call from my hubby (he works as the school resource officer at my kids school, pretty handy guy). He tells me that the school nurse thinks Luke broke his finger. He had jammed it while playing an intense game of tag with his friends and his Uncle at his party the night before. So I called the doc and we just made it a whole family visit. After X-ray's, strep tests, and prescriptions called into the pharmacy we made our way back home. I was once again fixing to dive back into my girl's room when I told my hubby of my idea to add some shelving units in their closet to help organize things. He says "oh we can build it, I have the stuff here". If you know me at all, you know how much I love organizing, DIY projects, and starting something new. So off we go.
After much cutting, many trips in and out the front door, and lots of sawdust later, we installed a whole new floor to ceiling shelving unit! My job today is to get the whole thing sanded down and painted so that maybe I can clear off the girls bed so they can quit sharing Luke's room. I'm probably going to paint the entire closet as well if I have enough paint on hand *fingers-crossed* I'll be sharing the pics of this when I get it completed.
The rest of our evening adventures I'll share with you in the Its OK portion of this post!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK

...That straight lines and I do not get along. I seriously can not cut/draw a straight line, but I have to have them. My OCD demands no less!
...That I almost lost an eye last night thanks to that tiny, microscopic piece of wood that flew into my eye while we were cutting plywood. Darrell literally had to dig into my eye to get it out. It was a close one...seriously.
...To be so obsessed with things being straight and perfectly even that I say "I would rather tear the whole thing out than it be a tiny bit uneven" after we have almost installed the whole unit causing my husband great annoyance. Sorry babe.  
...To be completely obsessed with paint, patterns, colors, and stencils
...To wish I had a maid so she could clean while I start & finish projects
...To be really hungry right now, but not want to cook anything for breakfast. I know it's lazy
...That my eyes are puffy and still feeling tired. Wake Up Rachel!
Well there it is...all in black and white. Okay well grey, pink, and whatever that bluish color is. I hope you are having a great week and an awesome Thursday!