Thursday, May 23, 2013

It took days, but it's finally finished!

Man what a week. It hasn't been a bad week, but I just get grouchy when I'm working on something and it seems to take FOREVER to finish. For those of you who don't know, my girls room is a constant headache for me. It never stays cleaned. Even when I go in and get everything organized and cleaned...a week later it looks like a train wreck. It was time again for a major overhaul, because you couldn't see their bed and barely see the hardwood floor peeking through the piles of crap.
They have a walk in closet, which is amazing, but I had so much stuff stored in there and...well it just wasn't functional. Between the huge sterilite containers of clothes that I've put back for my younger daughter, all their shoes that never stay in the door hanger or box I had for them, and the chest of drawers I had in there it was a mess. The back wall of it was bare, meaning I could see the studs and I decided that they needed shelves.

This was the wall you seen when you looked into the closet. Horrible right? Yes, so my hubby, being the all around - Mr. Fix it - down home - country boy that he is said he could build a floor to ceiling shelving unit. I was totally on board! The building was done that night by the both of us. The sanding, priming, and painting, was done over the course of a few days by me. However, I love the end result and now my girls room, after almost a week of building, painting, and re-organizing, is finally finished!
Here is is partially done
Here it is finished and stocked! (excuse the naked bulb, a fixture is on my list)
All of Lauren's electronics (tablet, DS, games, & headphones)
All of Layla's electronics (leap pad, leapster, tag reader)
Sorry my finger got in the way lol.
This shelf has fit multiple things that were on the floors or in boxes under the beds; Lauren's doll collection, the snow globes & music boxes, shoes, toys, and all of their books! I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!
What projects have you guys DIY'ed at your home? I'd love to see them! I hope ya'll have a super blessed day!

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