Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hmmm I Think Its OK

Wow it's pretty foggy outside. Random I know, but I just happened to look out the window after sitting on my couch for 45 mins (#pathetic), and I realized that it's not sunny because it's foggy!
Yeah you'll have to forgive me this morning I'm still a little out of it. We had an interesting evening yesterday, and then my sleep wasn't exactly sound if you know what I mean. *sigh* what happened to sleeping through the night and having no problem getting to sleep?
I started yesterday with the massive project of cleaning my girl's room. I'm not exaggerating when I say "massive". I really mean MASSIVE! It's really awful. I knew that I only had part of the day to clean/organize, because both girls had doc appts tomorrow afternoon. Then I get a call from my hubby (he works as the school resource officer at my kids school, pretty handy guy). He tells me that the school nurse thinks Luke broke his finger. He had jammed it while playing an intense game of tag with his friends and his Uncle at his party the night before. So I called the doc and we just made it a whole family visit. After X-ray's, strep tests, and prescriptions called into the pharmacy we made our way back home. I was once again fixing to dive back into my girl's room when I told my hubby of my idea to add some shelving units in their closet to help organize things. He says "oh we can build it, I have the stuff here". If you know me at all, you know how much I love organizing, DIY projects, and starting something new. So off we go.
After much cutting, many trips in and out the front door, and lots of sawdust later, we installed a whole new floor to ceiling shelving unit! My job today is to get the whole thing sanded down and painted so that maybe I can clear off the girls bed so they can quit sharing Luke's room. I'm probably going to paint the entire closet as well if I have enough paint on hand *fingers-crossed* I'll be sharing the pics of this when I get it completed.
The rest of our evening adventures I'll share with you in the Its OK portion of this post!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK

...That straight lines and I do not get along. I seriously can not cut/draw a straight line, but I have to have them. My OCD demands no less!
...That I almost lost an eye last night thanks to that tiny, microscopic piece of wood that flew into my eye while we were cutting plywood. Darrell literally had to dig into my eye to get it out. It was a close one...seriously.
...To be so obsessed with things being straight and perfectly even that I say "I would rather tear the whole thing out than it be a tiny bit uneven" after we have almost installed the whole unit causing my husband great annoyance. Sorry babe.  
...To be completely obsessed with paint, patterns, colors, and stencils
...To wish I had a maid so she could clean while I start & finish projects
...To be really hungry right now, but not want to cook anything for breakfast. I know it's lazy
...That my eyes are puffy and still feeling tired. Wake Up Rachel!
Well there it is...all in black and white. Okay well grey, pink, and whatever that bluish color is. I hope you are having a great week and an awesome Thursday!


  1. I love you sis! I can't wait to see the girls closet! Hope the babies are feeling a little better today! :)

  2. I wish I had a maid too...then I think I'd actually have time on my hands.

    Stopping by from Its OK!

  3. If You haven't already been nominated, I nominated you for the Liebster Award..Go to for details! :)

  4. Oh I know that feeling of needing a straight line but not being able to cut one. Before me and the exacto knife became close friends, scissors would leave my scrap pile with whole cards and invites. And then I came to my senses, by finding a mini paper cutter for scrapbooking. It has a guard and will cut in a straight line.

    Just visiting from Its OK