Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reader's Block

Nope, I don't mean "writer's block" I meant what I said...Reader's Block.
Just to enlighten you I will share with you my definition of this condition.
noun The condition of being unable to read (see choosing a book) any book while waiting for the newest book in one's favorite series to be released (or after reading the last book in one's favorite series.)
So there you have it and this is the condition that I've had for a while now. Back in March, J.R. Ward released the long time awaited Lover At Last, a book about some of my favorite characters in the series. The book was good, honestly could've been better, but I love the series, so I can't really knock the book. The next book to come out will be The King! For those of you who do not read these books that will mean absolutely nothing to you, but for us uberfans we were all screaming and crying at the announcement! Unfortunately we have to wait a whole year! "The King" will not be released until March 2014, but she has released the cover!

So I am impatiently patiently waiting for this book's release!
Back in June...or July I can't remember, my sister, the lovely Ree (check out her blog), tells me about this new trilogy that is AMAZING and that I should check it out. So I did...and loved it!
Sorry guys I tried loading book cover photos but my computer isn't working with me today. Allegiant isn't out yet, but I bought and devoured the other two, even reading them aloud to my hubby and kiddos. My hubby doesn't like to read, except for when it comes to the bible, but I started reading The Hunger Games to him and he loved that seriers. Now we both love the Divergent series. I am waiting for Allegiant to come out which will be next month. My sis was amazing and pre-ordered the book from Amazon for my birthday, so I will get one of those smiley faced boxes from Amazon with my book in it not too long after it releases! YAY! I'm so excited. I just wish I could find something that caught my interest enough to read in the mean time.
Not sure if anyone else has contracted this Reader's Block condition, but it totally ruins your taste for many books. I have read one...maybe two, nothing major and I used to read constantly. Hopefully the cure to my condition will come in the mail in October!

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  1. Omg! I cannot wait until both of those books comes out! I'm uber stoked! Like... UBER! The good things is... its nearly October. Which means in five more months we will be able to steal The king... And yes, I meant steal, because I will be broke like a joke hahaha so I'll have to steal it!